Crane Remote Controller

  • Industrial Radio Remote Control

    Industrial Radio Remote Control

    We develop, manufacture and sell industrial radio control with more than 15 years. Industrial remote control system is more widely used in various industrial fields. With the remote control, workers can handhold the portable transmitters, walk freely and choose the best position toe operate. Our remote control models: F20-2S (Direct control) F21-2S/D F21-4S/D F21-E1/E2/E1B RF21-E2S/E2B/E2M RF23-A2+ F23-A++/BB F24-6S/D、8S/D、10S/D、12S/D F24-60 F26-A1/A2/A3、B1/B2/B3、C1/C2/C3 F27 (Specially ...
  • Industrial Cross Limit Switch XLS-P54D-PP

    Industrial Cross Limit Switch XLS-P54D-PP

    Product Description1. Hook Block: Safety card as the standard configuration by special mold and adopt high-strenth special slippery rope to reduce the damage to wire rope and ligthen the self weight. 2. Wire rope: Imported from Italy, adopt high-strength wire rope with zinc surfacing-plating,high breaking force and good flexibility(2160/mm^2) 3.Body Structure: Adopt mould stamping or bending steel plate to reduce the use of welding parts and increase the service life and quality of the struct...
  • Industrial Radio Control F21-E1B

    Industrial Radio Control F21-E1B

    Product Features8 operation buttons, 6 single speed buttons and “STOP” Up to 8 control contacts With battery voltage warning device, the power supply is cut off during low power Program the button function by computer interface Up/down, west east, north south can be programmed to interlock or non-interlock. The spare button cab be programmed to stat, toggle or normal Transmitter Parameters Material Glass fiber PA Enclosure protection class IP65 Frequency range VHF: 310-331 MHz; UHF: 42...