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  • Double Girder  Electric Overhead Traveling Crane Eot Crane

    Double Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Crane Eot Crane

    The double girder overhead travelling crane makes it possible to handle unwieldy loads safely and precisely. It is adapted to planned or existing buildings by means of various special installation alternatives. Numerous additional options are available to increase productivity and safety in day-to-day use.

    Flexible, adaptable through different installation variants
    Low-maintenance, low-noise direct drive with disc brake and centrifugal mass
    Smooth starting and braking characteristics: with frequency inverter as an option
    Explosion-proof versions or off-standard solutions through engineering
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  • Foot Mounted Jib Crane 1 Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Freestanding Jib Crane

    Foot Mounted Jib Crane 1 Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Freestanding Jib Crane

    Freestanding 360 degree rotating jib crane. Mounts to floor using Handling Systems anchor bolts and recommended foundation.

    It is designed with safety features to prevent removal of head under accidental impact.

    The mast consists of a heavy pipe design to withstand bending stresses without undue deflection to boom. Assembly is jig welded to insure vertical alignment.

    Jib crane head is constructed of two heavy sides and reinforcing plates to permit balancing of stress. Lower roller assembly is mounted in a heavy duty machined carriage weldment. Assembly is supported by adjustable tension bolts to permit field adjustment, and to insure even pressure of the rollers on the mast. Roller bearings are furnished in each machined roller and are mounted to the frame through removable steel axles with grease fittings. Top bearing is a tapered roller radial thrust bearing.

    Crane Includes
    I-Beam (boom)
    Head Assembly
    Bearing Cover
    Mast & Baseplate
    Trolley End Stops

  • KBK Light Crane System KBK Bridge Cranes KBK design

    KBK Light Crane System KBK Bridge Cranes KBK design

    In the most typical KBK crane arrangement, shown here, the worker pulls the hoist along the bridge, and the bridge along the runways manually. The bridge articulates, that is, it swings to an angle with respect to the runways as it moves along. As a result, if a worker makes small movements at one end only of the bridge, only that end of the bridge moves, resulting in much less energy consumed.
    The support stand, bolted to the floor is made by Givens Engineering. It is most often customized to some extent to fit around obstructions and machinery in a typical factory. 
    Bridge cranes can also be hung from the ceiling, or from cantilevered floor stands. 
    Rating: Most operator-friendly crane style. For fast part handling, it is best if the bridge is kept short and light.
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  • Overhead Crane EOT single girder Bridge Crane with Hoist

    Overhead Crane EOT single girder Bridge Crane with Hoist

    Products Summary:
    European series it has the fallowing advantages:

    Light dead weight, light wheel load, small boundary dimensions, dependable performance, easy operation.
    Light wheel load and small boundary dimensions can reduce the costs of plant construction, save capital investment of lighting, heating and so on.
    Using high-quality components can reduce failure rate and maintenance costs. Lowing consumption of total power con reduce the costs, it has remarkable energy- saving effect.

    As the name shown, single girder EOT crane has one main girder, which is easy to install and requires less maintenance. Our single girder EOT crane is manufactured by the best raw materials, and every crane designed by our expert team of engineers can keep the lifting speed, trolley speed and maximum lifting load. We can offer the most suitable single girder EOT crane as per the customers’ requirements. The most common single girder EOT cranes are as follows: LD type single girder EOT crane, LDP type single girder EOT crane, HD type single girder EOT crane.

    Compared with single girder EOT crane, double girder EOT crane consists of two girders which can meet the requirements of heavy loads and wide spans. It is available with load capacities up to 100t and with spans up to 50m. Adopts the FEM advanced design and manufacture standards of European. The technological level reaches to the leading level of not only international but also domestic. The design of steel structure is reasonable, and conforms to the standards and specifications to meet the demands of strength, rigidity and stability. Our main double girder EOT crane includes: QD type hook double bridge crane, LH electric hoist double girder bridge crane, NLH type double girder EOT crane.

    Applications of EOT crane
    EOT crane is extensively used in the warehouse, workshop, and stock ground of industrial and mining enterprises for loading, unloading or relocating heavy load. Generally speaking, the EOT crane is equipped with the mechanical means to realize the traveling not only in both directions but also can raise or lower the heavy load easily. But should pay attention to that EOT crane is forbidden to used in the explosive, combustible or corrosive environment, and the working temperature is approximately from -20℃ to 40℃.

  • EOT  European Crane End Carriage and Wheel Head

    EOT European Crane End Carriage and Wheel Head

    Eurohoist Cranes & Components designs and manufactures end carriages for single and double girder cranes that offer gradual acceleration and smooth braking, with minimum noise.

    Our proven design of travel gearmotors can be leverages on cross-travel and long-travel motions.

    1  The steel structure is a torsion resistant box girder prepared to be connected to the crane girder.
    2 Rigid special end carriage-girder connections and forged wheel design ensure years of low maintenance operation.
    3 Quick disconnection electrical plugs and a power lock wheel assembly providing a easy inspection and service.
    4 High grade rubber bumpers are bolted on for energy absorbing, allowing easy removal for replacement or maintenance.
    5 Three stage motor-gearboxes, travel wheels with double flanged with mounted bearings, drive to the wheels is direct via splined shaft



  • Geared Motor for Crane End Carriage Hoist Motor

    Geared Motor for Crane End Carriage Hoist Motor

    China Crane Geared Motor, Crane Motor from China Manufacturer Hoist Soft Start Crane Geared Motor
    gear motor for electric hoist geared motor for end carridge hoists