Cranes Kits

  • Eot Crane

    Eot Crane

    Our Overhead Cranes We pride ourselves on providing you cranes with the best performance quality, we offer cranes that can give you the greatest efficiency. Our overhead cranes for sale drive quality, efficiency and reliability for your facility. Every crane and crane component reflects our vast engineering expertise and industry experience. Our overhead crane portfolio includes single and double-girder overhead traveling cranes and suspension cranes. In addition to standard cranes with welde...
  • Foot Mounted Jib Crane

    Foot Mounted Jib Crane

    Jib crane is lifting equipment to do light weight transport in plants, port, wharf and etc. sometimes it can be used in  manufacturing line and assembling line to do jobs need to be fixed position accurately. You can purchase two types of cantilever jibs in LiftHand group. If you want to carry heavy loads under 20 tons, you can choose heavy duty cantilever jib crane. And you can choose cantilever jib crane if you need to transport loads under 5 tons. Both of them are quiet applicable for shor...
  • Geared Motor for End Carriage

    Geared Motor for End Carriage

    Product Features

    • Torque 20 … 18.500 Nm
    • Output Speeds 0,3 … 450 min-1
    • versatile installation possibilities
    • Completely enclosed, sealed against dust and water spray
    • Lubrication change first after 15000 hrs
    • Low noise gearing
    • Mains connection 110 … 690V, 50/60Hz
    • Enclosure IP65 (Standard), IP66 (Optional)
    • Connection Standard with CAGE CLAMP®
    • Additional features:
      Connecting with Plug connectors.
      With integrated inverter up to 7,5kW.
    • CE-Mark
    • CSA, UL, ATEX, GOST, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
    • Motors according to EN 60034
    • Corrosion category based on DIN ISO 12944-5
      C1, C2, C3, C4, C5-I, C5-M


  • EOT  European Crane End Carriage

    EOT European Crane End Carriage

    1  The steel structure is a torsion resistant box girder prepared to be connected to the crane girder.
    2 Rigid special end carriage-girder connections and forged wheel design ensure years of low maintenance operation.
    3 Quick disconnection electrical plugs and a power lock wheel assembly providing a easy inspection and service.
    4 High grade rubber bumpers are bolted on for energy absorbing, allowing easy removal for replacement or maintenance.
    5 Three stage motor-gearboxes, travel wheels with double flanged with mounted bearings, drive to the wheels is direct via splined shaft


  • Overhead Crane

    Overhead Crane

    Single Girder Overhead CraneLD type electric single-girder crane is a kind of crane with wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist, using a small rail-operated crane (lifting capacity is 0.5-50t, span is 2.5-31.5m), the working environment temperature is within the range of -20-50 degrees Celsius. This single-girder crane has the characteristics of small volume, compact structure, light weight, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, and is the ideal equipment for material h...
  • KBK System

    KBK System

    We launched our KBK light crane system more than 20 years ago – today, Using our KBK system, we can meet your specific application requirements precisely, quickly and efficiently. The components of our modular system can be combined to create individual suspension monorail, suspension crane, pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib crane solutions. Thanks to the system’s high flexibility, our KBK installations can be integrated easily into any production infrastructure – and modified at any ...