Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist 15 Ton 20 Ton 30 ton 35 ton

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Trolley hoist

Trolley hoist is for sale at good price. EuroHoist offers types of trolley hoists.

  • According the power sources, the trolley hoists can be grouped electric trolley chain hoist and manual trolley chain.
  • According to lifting speed, the trolley hoist can be grouped into single speed trolley hoist and double speed trolley hoist.
  • According to lifting chain falls, Eurohoist  Hoist and Crane can offers 2 chain fall trolley hoist, 3 chain fall trolley hoist, up to 14 chain fall trolley hoist, etc.
  • On base of lifting capacity, Eurohoist Hoist and Crane offers light duty trolley hoist with lifting capacity from 500kg- 5 ton and heavy duty trolley hoist with lifting capacity up to 35 ton.

We offer customer designed trolley hoists to meet your material handling solution at economical price.

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20 Ton-35Ton Heavy Duty Electric chain Hoist
The cover of 20 ton 25 ton 30 ton 35 ton heavy duty electric chain hoist is light and strong, and the cooling rate of it is high. Besides that, its sealing design is suitable for the environment in poor operation condition. When a heavy object is hanging, there is a limit switch device that can make the machine aromatically stop to prevent the chain beyond the scope to ensure safety. And the brake device can realized instant brake when the power is cut off.
Product detailsCapacity: 20ton--35 ton
Standard lift height: 3m
Power supply: 220-660V
Insulation grade: F
Usage: lifting, fixing, binding, traction, etc.
The main parts of it adopt high quality steel product to ensure durability.
Special specifications and marks can be made according to customers requirement.
Safety noticePlease check hook, chain and other accessories before use.
Do not overload
Do not expose the hoist in rain or very humid place.
Strictly prohibit people to work under it when it working
Gear and spring should be maintained regularly to prevent brake failure.
Please select the appropriate tonnage of block according to the load.

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