HT Series Hoist

  • Hitachi type Electric chain hoist 1 ton 2 ton

    Hitachi type Electric chain hoist 1 ton 2 ton

    Electric chain hoists are made from strong alloy iron and processed by strict inspection adopt completely enclosed design and the entire mechanism for providing the most comfortable operation and performance. electric chain hoists for sale including  electric chain hoists, a frame hoist.

    • Light weight, reliable and durable shell, small volume in size but with high strength

               • Manufactured and tested by experts, to comply with high standards and best electrics

           • Good safety, high reliability, low trouble rate with excellent and outstanding performance

           • Low noise, environmental-friendly with strong overload capacity, and high efficient

           • Equipped with large braking moment and rich operation of integral type button cable

           • Adopt low pressured design and completely make the provision against a rainy day

           • Our products are adaptable to suit wide beams, and highly meet customers’ requirements

           • Compact and sturdy structure with complete polishing procedures and high precision

           • Good-quality disc electromagnetic brakes’ service life can reach more than 1 million times

           • Offering waterproof, light and durable switching control for operators’ safety and security

           • Low maintenance, and our products are also available no matter in single or dual speed

           • Specially designed travelling brakes have the function of providing long life, positive operation

           • High efficient and innovative with unique, beautiful, reasonable design and appearance

           • Operating voltage of button is designed to be 24V low when power leakage accident happened

           • High quality Grade 80 zinc plated load chain is supplied to our customers as the standard

           • Fully contactorised with high rated contactors and pendant controls make the machine safe

           • Single and three phase material handling motorized hoists provide longer service life

           • Covered gear wheels for preventing dust and water from our products to guarantee safety